Looking for Sexy Fun in Thailand

When most people think of travelling to a place like Thailand, they think of the white sandy beaches in Phuket, gold laden statues of Buddha in peaceful poses, and the savoury and spicy dishes the country is known for, but there is a darker side to Thailand and that is the sex industry. If you’re  wondering how prevalent the sex industry is in Thailand, all we can say is that it’s as popular and widely known as football (college and national, hell even high school) is here in the US. We may frown upon the sex industry as a whole, but many American men are the first to hire an escort when visiting Thailand.

But what’s the attraction to Asian women? There is no definitive answer. Some prefer that innocent and demure look that some Asian women have. Some fall into the belief that Asian women are more submissive and less dominant than white women. Some are just infatuated with the Asian culture and want to live, breath, and be in it (in every sense).

Whatever the attraction is, Thailand is the mecca of it. Maybe it’s not approved by government laws, but it caters to those seeking carnal pleasure while abroad. If you’re a gentleman looking for some Asian fun, you can definitely find it in Thailand. It’s kind of like saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. What you want to bang in Thailand, can be found in Thailand.

If you don’t think people travel to other countries to explore their sexual desires, you’re living under a rock. In Asia alone, there are numerous cities that cater to the adult night life. Sex is sex and horny men and women will go wherever they can to have it without being frowned upon.