What Does Cracker Mean in Australia?

If you travel to Australia, one of the most used words is “cracker”. You’ll hear it’s a cracker of a day or she’s a cracker. But what the hell does it really mean?  Before we let you know what this Aussie term means, we’ll give seven ways it’s used and if you don’t know it by the time you get to the end of this post, god love ya.

Here’s how Aussies use “cracker” in the “land down under” and no, that’s not a reference to vagina. That’s actually a reference to Australia.

First off – The Racehorse – when the winning horse is the queen of the track, always leaving the other horses eat her dust, fast, furious and born to run. Yeah “She’s a Cracker!”

Second is The Schooner – a timeless and highly praised Aussie pastime and who could refuse an ice cold beer on a long, hot Brisbane Summer’s Day! Oh Yeah “She’s a Cracker!”

Got a guess on what cracker means yet?

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Up next is the very talkative master of the flock and the loudest of the bunch and let’s be honest no one can argue with a talking Galah but another talking Galah! Think Polly wants a cracker? –Yeah “She’s a Cracker!”

The Blue Heeler or the Australian Cattle Dog otherwise known as Bluey by the Aussies is a loyal companion that all trainers and cattle drivers dream about. Generally black or brown in colour with little white furs protruding between its main coat, giving the optical illusion of a ‘blue’ dog. Yeah “She’s a Cracker!”

Up next is the Wiltshire Little Big Horn, the feisty and unusual Australian sheep breed best known for ability to naturally moult its own short wool coat during spring time. So you don’t have to shear it and Aussie farmers just love them – a favourite outback habit! – Yeah “She’s a Cracker!”

Still with us? We’re almost at the end of this Cracker list!

The reliable utility vehicle or “–Ute–” as most Aussies call it, is a truck with low sides ideal for moving small loads. The Ute is perfect for driving through rough Australian terrain for its four-wheel drive with more grunt than a general purpose vehicle – Yeah “She’s a Cracker!”

And finally, last but not least, please crack a smile for the elusive and the personification of the Irish slang for “–what a beauty–”. She rises at the crack of dawn and boy is she a real firecracker, let us present to you the Brisbane escort, the ultimate beach-goer, tanned from head to toe, Schooner-drinking man-eater. YES! “She’s a Cracker!”

Cracker…not something you eat…well…only if you’re lucky enough to land number seven…then perhaps.