How to avoid dating a cheater from a Russian mail order brides site

Whenever we break up a relationship, we experience a lot of negative emotions. We begin wondering what could have been done to avoid this personal disaster and to secure a brighter future together with this person. Well, you should not be exceedingly harsh on yourself. You were in love and probably looked at your partner through the rose-tinted glasses of adoration and forgiveness.


When you first met your deceitful partner among the Russian mail order brides on an international dating site, you instantly fell in love and didn’t ask any inconvenient questions. Let’s see what you need to avoid in order not to be entrapped in a relationship with an utter scoundrel or an abominable cheater.

When an ex gets into the picture it doesn’t necessarily mean you are facing a disaster. If your lady has children, most likely it will not be possible for her to completely break up with their father and not to communicate at all. But if your dear lady doesn’t have children, and her former flame is still sticking around, in the form of pictures, emails, phone calls or even meetings, something is decidedly wrong and you need to be worried about this revolting situation.

It is true that some women keep in touch with their exes and others completely ignore them. You need to ask yourself what can possibly make your dear lady keep communicating with him. Maybe this person fills in a certain void in the soul of your best part? Maybe it is you who is doing something wrong?

The last question is especially painful, because the truth be told, if your girlfriend or wife is really in love with you, she should not need any additional attention from her former beau, in any form whatsoever. This is something you should not wave off easily. It just will not disappear into thin air the moment you decide to quit thinking about it.

Lies, even small ones, are an indicative sign that something is wrong in your relationship. Psychology experts indicate that a person who resorts to small lies rather often is capable of eventually coming up with a big lie as well, it is just a matter of time. Shady behavior is often preceded by an avalanche of “white lies”. In the same fashion, a sadist who kills a cat or a dog is more likely to go after a human rather soon. It is all about getting used to a certain role that begins to dominate a person’s ego in a particular, nefarious way. Even lies that seemingly are not related to you in any way should put you on guard. If she lies to the people around her, she may be lying to you as well. Not necessarily in an innocent way.

If your partner keeps checking out the other men, it may also serve as a red flag. We occasionally compare ourselves to other people and admire the beauty in others. But if it is done repeatedly and with a certain casual air about it, pay more attention to such a behavior.

She may not be one of the best stunning Russian brides on the planet, but she may have some stunning friends. However, it does not exclude the eventuality that this gaggle of lively gals can be the center of stupidity on this planet. If you notice that most of her friends are, well, intellectually challenged, an alarm bell should go off in your head – she may be one of them. This red flag may be a false one, but it is rather safe to assume that it would be reasonable to launch a tentative probe into this. There is a saying – “Tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you really are”.

If her female friends stick around night clubs and fancy cheating on their husbands with repulsive individuals from singles bars, most likely she will be demonstrating these habits herself sooner or later. It is all about imitation – we imitate the friends whom we trust and want to be noticed in our groups of friends, we want to scramble to the leader’s position, often disregarding the cost that goes along with a deceitful behavior pattern.