Find Yourself inside the Pleasuredome, With Live Jasmine

Sex cam sessions can be really enjoyable and you will definitely have a fantastic time and this new experience will completely change your sex life. Do not be put off, we give you the tips to make you feel more comfortable at a sex party. You can find a calendar on this website with sex parties and you can chat with other interested people.

Buy new underwear

Go buy it and wear it immediately for the LiveJasmin. The idea is that you go to the party while you are self-confident, you will be able to use all courage to suppress the nerves and stress if it is your first participation.

Do your research

Talk to people who already have experience and have participated several times in a sex party. People who are active in this world are only too happy to share their experiences to help new participants. If you are already uncomfortable about going to a party with your clothes on, then a sex party is not for you.

Follow the rules

The first and most important rule is to go to a sex party that applies certain rules. Only the sex parties that have regulations regarding safety and mutual participation are worth your time. Do not go alone and bring someone with you. Or even bring 2 people or 10, it is also a party. If you do not feel comfortable going here with a full group of friends, just bring your partner. Some parties even require that you bring someone who conveys the safety and responsibility that is needed. Even if it is not mandatory, you would do well to bring someone who can calm you against the rising nerves. If you do not know anyone who is open to this, then you can certainly find someone online.

Enter open-minded

That does not mean that you have to participate in activities that make you feel uncomfortable. Some people go to sex parties, only to watch and most people have no problems with that.

Do not be ashamed

Talk to the people present, it is the best way to learn, meet them and boost your self-confidence. Do not be shy to say that it is your first experience that is just the best conversation topic. If you do not agree with what someone says or what someone does, speak to them. Be very active verbally. You may not be the first to give the initial impetus, but most likely it will end up on your shoulders. The advantage of a sex party with rules is that nothing happens when you do nothing yourself.

Other Supports

Choose the right shoes for the LiveJasmin. Obviously you want to look good. Keep in mind that you will not wear clothes with active participation, choose shoes that can bear an Adam’s or Eva’s costume. Beware of the corridors. If your body is not covered with clothing, or certain parts of the body are visible, be careful. Smile. Do not be afraid to tell a joke and smile as much as possible. An erotic atmosphere can cause certain people to freeze. There is always a need for an atmosphere maker on these occasions. Relax yourself and laugh, this should not be that difficult because there is always enough alcohol available.