Beware Professional Tinder Dating Profiles

Swipe Left on The Online Dating Confusion

Tinder seemed like it would make dating simple – but professional profiles are causing confusion for users.

If you’re a single guy, chances are you’ve dabbled with Tinder. After all, it’s the most popular way for men to meet single women in their area. You look, you swipe, you chat. So far, so simple. What some men have been discovering though, is that some Tinder profiles are not all that they seem. With the rise of Tinder has come ‘professional’ profiles. If you’ve come across one before, then you’ll be familiar with the term. If you haven’t, then read on to find out more.

Tinder the game-changer

Tinder seems like a fool proof way to meet women at first glance. What’s not to like? You can look within a certain radius, and check out girls without worrying about offending them if they’re not your type. If you do want to get to know a girl a little better, you just swipe right and hope that they do the same. For some men though, the girls that they get chatting to aren’t all that they seem.

Professional profiles

So, professional profiles. What exactly are they? Well, they don’t rouse any suspicion at first. You’ll be chatting away to a gorgeous girl, and things will look to be going well. When you go to arrange a date though, it becomes clear that she’s not all she seems. She’ll reveal that she in fact charges for dates, and has been using Tinder to try and attract clients.

Think of her too

It’s natural to feel like you have been led along if your Tinder match suddenly reveals that she charges for evenings with men. However, not every escort using Tinder is doing so to drum up business. You should try to remember that escorts want to date too, and many are looking for a normal relationship outside of escorting. They’re just as entitled to use Tinder as any other girl!

Going forward

So, what’s the solution? Be clear from the start with what you are looking for from your date, and hopefully the girl you have matched with will do the same. It’s important to remember that dating apps aren’t regulated, and that you should always take anything someone says on Tinder with a pinch of salt. If you feel a little suspicious, just bring the conversation to a close and carry on looking!

Cut the confusion with an escort agency

Heading straight to an escort agency is much simpler if you’re looking for no-strings fun. A reputable agency like Fantasy London Girls don’t try to lure in clients through Tinder, and will only ever do business with men who come to them. When you book you can state exactly what you are looking for, so that you and your escort will be on the same page right from the start. You won’t experience any of the uncertainty that comes with Tinder there.

Casual fun is still attainable

There’s no doubt that Tinder works for some men. However, if you are just trying to look for a woman to spend the night with, you should stop swiping and contact an escort agency directly. You’ll never be misled, and with Fantasy London Girls offering highly competitive rates, you’ll be able to enjoy a night of passion without breaking the bank. So next time you see a professional profile – cut out the confusion and head straight to your number one local escort agency instead.